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Being of Sound Mind, Prudent, Reasonable



being of sound mind, prudent, reasonable

Self-knowledge, Self-restraint, Harmony

healthy-mindedness and self-control or moderation guided by knowledge and balance

The term suggests that lifelong happiness may be obtained when one's mental needs are satisfied, and it resembles the idea of enlightenment through harmonious living

Sophrosyne, then, isn’t about self-denial. Rather, it’s avoiding overindulgence (like doing, buying, owning, or eating “too much”) because it truly makes you happier to do so

Sophrosyne isn’t skipping the Doritos or a second helping, and feeling miserable about it; it’s eating healthy foods, in healthy proportions, because it makes your body feel better.

Sophrosyne isn’t denying yourself that new handbag/gadget/car, while continuing to yearn for it; it’s being excited to preserve some of the Earth’s resources, or put that money into your child’s college fund instead.

Sophrosyne isn’t giving up your TV because it’s “a minimalist thing,” but because it gives you more time to pursue the activities you love.

Sophrosyne isn’t throwing all your stuff away in a no-holds-barred decluttering session; it’s questioning whether each item you own adds value to your life, or if you’d be happier without it.

Sophrosyne isn’t about choosing moderation because you think you should, but because it feels right and delights your soul.

Sophrosyne isn’t about self-restraint for its own sake, but rather the joy it brings us. It’s living a wise, graceful, and balanced life because we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Having sophrosyne is like being a finely-tuned instrument, with all our thoughts, values, and actions in harmony. But it goes beyond that: mastering our desires, and avoiding extremes in consumption, attitudes, and behavior, doesn’t benefit only ourselves. Like the melodious note from a plucked string, sophrosyne radiates out to the rest of the world, helping us live in harmony with nature and each other.