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Bliss of Being - Pure Heart of Ensemble

"A divinely-inspired and spiritually transformational 
piece of music."
 - Jenny Smiechowski - NEW AGE JOURNAL

"A beautiful blend of 
piano, cello, flute, crystal bowls and vocal sounds... 
has a depth and presence that is usually missing from 
other offerings. 
The arrangements seamlessly blend the instruments 
into a cushion of loving sound."
 - Evelyn Rysdyk - Spirit Passages E-dispatch

"A top shelf example of healing music that sounds like 
it really comes from the heart" - Midwest Record

One of my favorite recordings for relaxation. 
No matter how stressed, scattered, or 
keyed up I am, 
Bliss of Being 
has an immediate calming effect.

Click the image to listen to this wonderfully peaceful music 
and let Bliss permeate your soul and your mind.