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Positive Affirmations and Stress Relief

Positive affirmations for stress relief are single statements that help focus a mind and even soul on a singular purpose or thought. The repetitive use of positive affirmations turns a statement into a perceived reality for a person.

While positive affirmations for stress relief likely cannot remove a stressor from one's life, they can redirect how a person responds to that stressor. This can, in turn, help reduce the impact that stress has on a person.

When the power of positive affirmations for stress relief is brought into play, the mind is told repeatedly, it can let go of a situation, tackle a problem, or handle a stress. The notion is often to reframe how one handles the stress in their lives and how they react to it.

Some positive affirmations people use to help deal with stress include statements are:
  • I embrace stressful circumstances as challenges.
  • I can overcome this obstacle.
  • Through stress, I grow.
  • Tension is leaving my body.
  • My mind is at peace.
  • I have done all I can.
  • I can let go.
  • I am worthy. 

The basic idea for many behind the positive affirmations for stress relief is to acknowledge the stressor, face it and refuse to let it run one's life. The trick is gaining control of the situation and working to let stress melt away.

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