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The Beneficial Results of Listening to Music

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the health benefits of listening to music can have on an individual.   With an increase of interest about the health benefits of listening to music, there are more and more studies that have come out that prove how music can influence people’s lives.

Fill your life with music and enjoy the amazing health benefits of listening to music.

Music is a great way to change or enhance anyone’s mood.  Certain songs can relax some and put other in a better mood.  Sometimes if someone has a lot of stress or tension in their lives they will put on music to soothe the situation.

Music is a way for people to express the way that they are feeling.  Musicians will play and write music to verbalize the emotions they are feeling.  People listen to specific songs that capture the mood they are in.  Many times it a certain song will give people the relief they need to calm down.

There have been studies that proved that children have an easier time learning activities requiring the use of motor skills when listing to music.  Throwing, catching, jumping, and running are all activities that showed improvement when children performed them with music.

There have been several studies done that have shown the benefits of listening to music can have in a child’s life.  Researchers have found that people who play music have a more developed connection
between both sides of their brain.  The Mozart Effect is commonly known.  This theory states that listening to Mozart’s piano sonata will increase results on an IQ test almost ten points.  Other forms of classical music can also have similar results.

Everyone has their own reason for loving music and each person has a unique style they like to listen to.  With so many genres and many musicians from all over the world it is impossible to not find a favorite.  Whether music is used to de-stress or to get pumped up with, it has a benefit for everyone.