This Website is still **UNDER CONSTRUCTION** with a projected completion date of Summer 2014. Feel free to explore and use the resources already listed on the site. Additional Resources will be added in the near future.

G R E A T D R E A M for Happiness

Giving: Be generous. Whether it’s a smile, a kind word, or a helping hand, give freely to others.

Relating: Connect with people. Close relationships provide love, support, and meaning in our lives.

Exercising: Stay active. Your body and mind are connected—the health of your physical body affects your mood.

Appreciating: Be mindful. Notice the world around you, and take time to enjoy it.

Trying out: Keep learning new things. Be curious and engage with life.

Direction: Set goals to feel motivated and challenged.

Resilience: Find ways to bounce back. Practice the art of letting go.

Emotion: Take a positive approach to life. Try to focus on the good in every situation.

Acceptance: Be comfortable with who you are. Don’t compare your insides to another person’s outsides.

Meaning: Be part of something bigger than yourself. People who have meaning in their lives experience less stress, anxiety, and depression.