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You Can Be Happy.....Now

You can be happy. You can be happy in spite of your problems. You can be happy regardless of how much money you have. You can be happy even if those around you are not.

Happiness starts with how you think about your life. People who are happy believe that they can create positive emotions despite the difficulties they face.

Scientists have found that negative reactions (fight, flight, or freeze) are hardwired into the primitive part of your brain. While you can’t avoid having those bad feelings aroused when first confronting a stressful situation, you do have a choice about whether to dwell on the negative or transform them into positive emotions.

The primary skill for shifting your emotions is optimism, which is a learned method of explaining events. Good times are viewed as permanent and likely to positively affect all aspects of your life. Bad times, conversely, and temporary and limited in their effects.

Other mental floss methods for cleaning up the bad stuff in your brain include forgiveness for those who have hurt you, gratitude for those who have helped you, and appreciation of the positive aspects of your present life.