This Website is still **UNDER CONSTRUCTION** with a projected completion date of Summer 2014. Feel free to explore and use the resources already listed on the site. Additional Resources will be added in the near future.


YOU CAN RELAX NOW is a collection of resources to help you relax.  Some find it helpful to start each day with a time of relaxation.   Some like to take short relaxation breaks throughout the day.  Some like to spend time relaxing at the end of each day.   Many like to take time for relaxing in the morning, during the day, and at the end of the day.   We encourage you to visit this often to help you in your journey toward deep relaxation and improved health and wellness.

Many folks find it hard to relax.  Who has time to relax anymore?  Anxiety, Depression, Hectic Lifestyle and other factors make it hard for some of us to relax.   YOU CAN RELAX NOW is filled with simple techniques and resources to help anyone relax.    There's lots of variety on this website so no matter what helps you relax you'll find something here to assist you.   Of course some of the best ways to relax are to turn off the computer and go outside in the fresh air, take a walk, spend time in nature.  We encourage you to do just that.   But when you can't get out in nature, spend time on this website and relax wherever you are.   You owe it to yourself.

Additional Relaxation  Resources are continually added to the site.

YOU CAN RELAX NOW is a creation of Don Talley of Black Mountain North Carolina.       He created this website to assist those seeking free resources to help them relax, help them sleep, help them cope with the stresses of life.

He hopes these resources are helpful to you.   

If you find these resources helpful and wish to donate funds to assist in the maintenance and expansion of this website, your donations of any size are greatly appreciated.  (CLICK HERE to make a donation)

More About Don
Like many of us Don reached a point in life where he found it difficult to relax. For many years he battled anxiety and depression. To battle depression, Don became very active.  His brain was in constant motion.  Caffeine and Adrenaline were his primary tools for dealing with the stresses of an active life.  They proved effective for quite a period of time but eventually he reached a crisis point.   The fast-paced, hectic, adrenaline-fueled lifestyle came to a screeching halt.

Financial stresses, loss of job, loss of insurance, health challenges, and other changes in his life all caught up with him and he faced a mental and emotional crisis.

Adrenaline fatigue set in.   Without the accustomed adrenaline, Mental exhaustion set in leaving him drained.  Cognitive processing became a challenge.     It was hard to focus.   He was lethargic and lacking in energy.  He found himself overwhelmed and simple daily tasks took tremendous mental energy.   

He bottomed out, and depression and anxiety returned. He found it almost impossible to relax.  Don sought help.   He consulted with his doctor and began seeing a mental health professional.   Talk therapy and neuro-feedback proved helpful.

He needed rest and relaxation to restore his health but rest and relaxation were elusive.   After years of fast paced life, Don's mind and body had forgotten how to relax.

Don was in need of resources to help retrain his brain to slow down and relax.

YOU CAN RELAX NOW is a compilation of resources Don found helpful in achieving the relaxation he desired. He hopes others find these resources useful as well.  He encourages you to share this website with others.  

The Human Brain is resilient.
Neuroscience shows that we
retrain our brains.


With time, patience and persistence 
you can retrain YOUR brain